A downloadable game

Discover worlds - discover dragons - discover exploits and strategies and more and more ways to play! This is a game that dares you to break it, to push it to the limit and find everything you can. It's a game that's primary purpose is to let you scratch that itch for discovery by presenting you with unique and different characters that travel through unique and different levels.  Finding all the levels is just the beginning. Finding all the characters in those levels is barely scratching the surface. You play, you win, you change, you play, you win, you change, you play - you play until you have found the fastest or easiest or highest-scoring path with the characters that feel the best on that path. And then you play again because there's still more to perfect.

  • 50+ unique characters to play
  • branching paths
  • 5-minute play sessions

(If you have seen me on Twitter, you may have seen some features [new character select screen, alternate early levels] that are still being refined. A major update is in the works, but major updates take time.)


Flame Land.exe 19 MB