A downloadable game

Above all, Flame Land is a game about discovery. I could tell you about the 50+ original characters you will come to control, or about the different and unique ways each one attacks (or doesn't attack) using the spacebar; I could tell you about how many levels and paths there are with unique environments or how you need to choose your path to reach the final boss; I could tell you  about the variety of obstacles that dot each level or how the different types of dragons interact differently with the more common obstacles - I could talk about all these at great length, but they are all there to serve one function: discovery.

You play the game. You replay it. You try a different path. You try a different character. You search for new characters. You replay, you replay, you replay until you have found the easiest or fastest or most-high-scoring path with the characters that feel the best on that path.

Short, simple, and about discovery.


Flame Land.exe 17 MB