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This game was made in an hour. The details can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/6nu99l/gamemaking_improv_please_give_a_...

This was actually harder to make than it looks. I used Clickteam Fusion and though the balancing act was something I had done before (you can see my weekly hour game jam submission "jet lag" for something similar), I had to make the caber rotate based on a different point once it hit the ground. There are actually two cabers: one you throw, and one it is replaced with upon hitting the ground. The first one rotates around the small end, the second one rotates around the big end. They rotate around what are called "hot spots." Fortunately, Clickteam Fusion also has "action points," so I can spawn the second caber so that it's action point (which is still on the small end) is at the same place as the hot spot on the first caber, and then it just rotates on a different hot spot. I hope that made some sense.

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Published Jul 18, 2017


Caber toss.exe 1 MB